Dance Class in a Box

JumpStart believe that dance classes should feel current and appeal to today’s primary school children.  That’s why we created our Dance Class in a Box resources.  The sessions are clear and easy to follow and most of all fun!  Each pack includes…

  • Lesson plans exploring a specific cross-curricular topic
  • A list of music tracks that suit each particular section of the plan – they can be downloaded easily from i-Tunes, Spotify or other music provider
  • Warm up and cool down ideas relevant to the topic

We also believe it’s important to include opportunities to learn a style of dance a technique or a phrase of movement, so this will be identified within each pack.  Any specific dance moves will be shown on video footage.  Each plan also features choreographic tasks and opportunities to perform and appreciate the work of others.

At the start of our plans, we always identify 2 or 3 movement objectives for each session.  These are the main dance focus of each plan and can be used to assess the progress of the children.  For more information on movement objectives, check out our blog post about it here.

We’re often asked how long each lesson plan should last for…and really it’s up to you and your class!  There’s enough content included on each plan to last for one 45 minute session, but you might find that you all love it so much that each plan could extend over two or three sessions.  That’s why we’ve added in lots of different activities into each pack.

All packs are now sold as PDFs – we can quickly and easily send you the dance content that way.  We may have a few of our resources as ‘hard copies’ but please enquire to check stock availability.

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For listings of each pack we currently have available, click on the relevant age group below.  We update our collections every year, so please check back here again soon for more amazing content!




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Don’t forget to check out our blog too – we are always posting dance ideas and videos.  Visit our blog here for information on planning dance and current practice and research around teaching dance in primary schools.

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