These Early Years resources are designed to encourage children to explore their bodies – what can they do?

Children are already packed full of movement possibilities and these plans help to facilitate expressions of these possibilities through safe, fun and accessible movement content.  A range of dance ideas are introduced, with plenty of opportunities for  children to create their own movement journeys and develop their own imaginations.

Props mentioned in the packs can be purchased from sports equipment companies and who has an extensive collection of lycras, scrunchy elastics and much more.  To view their online shop, click here.  Please feel free to improvise with the resources recommended in the plans – a blanket or sheet will work well in place of a lycra square for example.

All About Me

A great 6-part series exploring the children’s identities through dance.  PDF copy £14AllAboutMe

  • Who Am I – movement play based on children’s interests
  • Body Parts – explore just what their bodies can do
  • Emotions – use music and dance to examine moods
  • Funny Bones – learn a ‘bones’ dance linked to the book
  • Morning Routine – develop a gesture dance as a whole class
  • Shadows – experiment with shape and create a shadow duet



3 lesson plans focusing on 3 significant celebrations.  PDF copy £8


  • Bonfire Night – create some fun fireworks and bonfire actions
  • Chinese New Year – learn and ribbon dance and create some dragons
  • Easter – explore egg and chick movements





Explore 3 different ways to move as transportation.  PDF copy £8


  • Cars – travel using maps and obstacles
  • Ships – sail across the sea but watch out for pirates!
  • Trains – travel as a passenger or along a track





Julia Donaldson

Explore 3 classic books from the well-known author.  PDF copy £8JuliaD

  • Superworm – explore movement and reading through plenty of wriggling
  • A Squash and a Squeeze – create a squishy sponge dance and discover just how well they can squash into something
  • Paper Dolls – move as a paper doll and travel as a long chain




A 3-part resource featuring some of the lovable bugs we find in the garden. PDF copy £8


  • Caterpillars – scrunch and stretch, then float as butterflies
  • Spiders – scuttle and weave, then catch some dinner!
  • Worms – wriggle under, over and inside






3 lessons looking at what it might be like in space. PDF copy £8SpaceFS

  • Aliens – become a gooey, slithery or a many-limbed alien!
  • Outer space – what are comets?  how might the sun move?
  • Rockets – blast off into space using a range of props




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