Jump2it! Dance Festival 2018

Please ensure you have read the guidelines below before completing the submission form.


By completing and submitting this form, the school have agreed to…

  • Arrange parental permission for the selected children to take part
  • Arrange parental permission for photos and video footage to be taken – children without this will NOT be able to take part in the festival
  • Book appropriate rehearsal space for the dance artist
  • Provide a contact person who will be responsible for the group taking part, be present at all rehearsals with the dance artist and have an active role in them
  • Rehearse the dance with the children in preparation for the performance (without the dance artist).  Music and support will be provided to your school to help you rehearse
  • Organise costumes with the dance artist and children
  • Attend the dress rehearsal (one afternoon) and performance (one evening – on the same day as the dress rehearsal)
  • Provide additional members of staff for the dress rehearsal and performance in accordance with OFSTED ratios
  • Support ticket sales
  • Ensure transportation has been arranged for the children to travel home after the event.

Important: Please note that once rehearsals commence with the dance artist, the school has made a commitment to taking part in the final performance.  We rely on ticket sales to cover the cost of running this event.  Therefore schools who receive ANY AMOUNT of rehearsals with a dance artist, but then FAIL TO TAKE PART in the final performance will be charged at £150 per rehearsal plus a further £150 cancellation fee.

Name of contact person

Your School Name

Phone number

Your Email

Description of the class you would like to take part (eg. year 4, G and T, boys group, KS2)

Approximate class size? If you are not sure, make an estimate.


Rehearsals will take place between January – March 2018. Each school will have 4 rehearsal slots with a dance artist. (A slot will either be a whole morning or whole afternoon depending on how the schools are booked in). A timetable of rehearsals will be created in the next few weeks so that rehearsal space can be booked in. JumpStart will do their best to accommodate any issues with availability.

Are there any days / times / dates of the week when it would NOT be possible to rehearse at your school?