These Key Stage 1 resources are designed to introduce simple dance concepts through imagination and fun.

Children will learn simple dances that tie in with cross-curricular topics  such as traditional tales or pirates.  Each plan also gives the children opportunity to become little choreographers themselves through easy to follow creative tasks.

Specific movements and routines are provided as mini-videos to help demonstrate the dances to your class.

 People Who Help Us

An 6-part series exploring significant people within our communities through dance.  PDF copy £17

  • Firefighters – learn how to put out a fire of scarves
  • The Police – create a fun chase between cops and robbers
  • Paramedics – care and treat a ‘patient’
  • Farmers – learn a folk dance with a twist!
  • Builders – create a construction dance
  • Dustbin Collectors – challenge your children to be rubbish…


Explore the world of art in 3 vibrant lessons.  PDF copy £11

  • Colour – explore emotion through primary colours
  • Painting – learn about famous painters and create a gallery dance
  • Sculpture – discover what’s hiding in the clay…




Traditional Tales

3 lesson plans focusing on 3 fairy tales.  PDF copy £11

  • The Three Little Pigs – can you be big and bad?…
  • Jack and the Beanstalk – explore climbing and castles, but don’t get caught
  • The Gingerbread Man – bring this cheeky confectionery to life




The Toy Box

A 3-part resources focusing on some of children’s favourite toys.  PDF copy £11

  • Jack in a box – boo!
  • Cars – create an exciting driving duet
  • Robots – a session inspired by street dance ‘locking’ moves






Explore 3 different sessions based on fearsome pirates.  Argh.  PDF copy £11

  • Pirate Jig – learn a pirate dance and create some mean duets!
  • Sea Shanty – dare you travel aboard the Jolly Roger…
  • Treasure Hunt – go on an adventure to discover jewels and more





3 lesson plans focusing on 3 contrasting animals.  PDF copy £11

  • Sacred Animals – explore the world of dragons and create a battle scene.  Ideal for St George’s Day
  • Dangerous Animals – create a shark dance…beware
  • Working Animals – have fun at the circus!




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