These Key Stage 2 resources are designed to challenge learners whilst feeling ‘current’ and relevant to today’s children.

Topics have been selected to appeal to boys (as well as girls) and introduce specific styles of dance and techniques.  Video footage is provided with these packs that breaks down key movements into easy to follow instructions.  Each pack links directly into curriculum topics and explores the themes through creative dance.

Opportunities to choreograph, perform and appreciate are all embedded within each lesson plan.

Cultural Dance

A comprehensive pack introducing dance from 6 different countries. PDF copy £17

  • Bollywood – learn some Indian hand gestures and some vibrant choreography
  • African Dance – explore the Kuku and create some Zulu dancing
  • Capoeira – a Brazilian martial art / dance
  • Aboriginal – a session inspired by the Haka
  • The Hopak – learn a Ukranian dance
  • Native American – find out what a grass dance is


A 6-part pack containing lots of dance experiments!  PDF copy £17

  • Static Electricity – learn a shocking street dance!
  • Materials – create a gas-liquid-solid performance
  • Circuits – Represent circuit symbols through movement
  • Light – explore light and shadow with a partner
  • Magnets – create ‘attracting’ choreography
  • Recycling – learn a machinery dance




3 lesson plans exploring outer space.  PDF copy £11           

  • Astronauts – learn and funky dance for the Astronauts to get ready with
  • Aliens – create some quirky extra terrestrials
  • Gravity – develop a lack of gravity dance




Ancient Egypt

A 3-part pack containing dance linked to Ancient Egypt.  Buy if you dare…  PDF copy £11

  • Mummies – learn a mummy dance inspired by Michael Jackson!
  • Pyramids – create actions to build one of the wonders of the world
  • Artwork – develop a 2D dance using Egyptian paintings




The Romans

A series of 3 plans focusing on the Roman Empire.  PDF copy £11

  • Gods – choreograph a dance based on some of the infamous Gods
  • Gladiators – create a fun and safe ‘battle’ scene
  • Architecture – use some of Roman’s famous buildings to create duets




The Victorians

3 lesson plans inspired by Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony of London’s Olympic Games. PDF copy £11

  • Masters – learn actions to represent the owners of the factories
  • Workers – create dance movements to represent the working class
  • Coal Mines – discover what life was like working inside one





A 3-part pack exploring what it was like during World War 2.  PDF copy £11

  • Soldiers – learn a street dance and develop team formations
  • Jitterbug – perform a 1940s social dance
  • Evacuees – develop solos based on the emotions of evacuees




Extreme Earth

Examine 3 different extreme events through fun dance content.  PDF copy £11

  • Hurricanes – choreograph duets based on contact work
  • Earthquakes – develop a solo based on the ground ripping open
  • Volcanoes – Learn an explosive dance!





3 Lesson plans exploring 3 classic children’s books.  PDF copy £11

  • Snow White – learn an evil dance and use an ‘apple’ as a prop
  • Batman – use the infamous character to create some superhero movement
  • The Twits – tell the story of Mr and Mrs Twit through dance





A 6-part pack inspired by Strictly Come Dancing.  PDF copy £17

  • Charleston – learn a cheeky Charleston dance
  • Paso Doble – be mean and aloof with your cape
  • Jive – get ready for some kicks and flicks
  • Samba – have a Brazilian party
  • Quickstep – learn a fast-footed dance
  • Line-dancing – discover how to dance to the walls!


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