Dance Glossary…ABC

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At JumpStart, we believe in using the correct terminology when working with both children and teachers.  But you may be wondering what it all means!  Over the forthcoming weeks we’ll be creating an A-Z dance glossary which you can refer to when teaching and act as a reminder of some of the things you need


Bring Back Boredom!

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In our quest to become more creative, you may suppose that by filling our time with experiences, information and stimulation we would fuel our imaginations.  Turns out that’s not quite the case… Let’s begin with examining boredom.  Can you remember the last time you were truly bored?  I’m not sure I can!  I seem to


So what exactly is creativity?

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If you have been following our blog, or have worked with JumpStart, you’ll already know we’re big fans of creativity.  In fact, it is at the heart of what we do in our creative dance practice: our unique blend of dance for children always includes a combination of improvisation tasks, developing movement from a range


Childhood Obesity Plan, pt. 2

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Following on from the launch of the government’s Childhood Obesity Plan (part 2) we’ve digested the information into a bite-sized summary of key findings and recommendations, with a specific focus on Schools and physical activity. The role of schools Part 2 of the government’s plan to significantly reduce childhood obesity identifies school’s responsibility to equip


How we can help with your STUNNING START

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Launch a STUNNING START at your school with a Jumpstart dance experience. We have a wide range of workshop themes including Rio de Vida: host a samba party and bring the carnival to your school The Romans: become gladiators for the day Shakes, Shocks and Hotspots: discover the full force of extreme earth We also


What is Musical Theatre? A Guide

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At Jumpstart we love to inform you about different styles of dance – it’s amazing that there are so many genres out there! Last year, we featured our guide to Hip Hop and Morris Dance; this week we’re chatting about Musical Theatre. Musical Theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken word,


Our own mental health

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We’ve spent the last month or so on the blog discussing the impact of dance on the physical and mental health of children, but lets not forget about ourselves.  After all, if our own mental health is out of whack, this will impact on those around us – our pupils, our families and our friends.


The impact of dance on physical health

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Recently we discussed the benefits of Dance on Children’s Mental Health where we noted one statistic showed that 75% of those with a mental health condition began developing it before the age of 18. Not only does Dance benefit a child’s mental health but is also important for their physical health. There is sufficient evidence


Learn The Floss!

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Have you noticed your class wiggling about from side to side with their arms swishing around their waist? They are probably doing The Floss! I started seeing KS2 children doing the moves in January and since then it seems to have gone viral!  It all started with a young lad known as ‘The Backpack Kid’