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Virtual Dance Festival 2021- filming and submission

Filming the dance

Please read the following information carefully before filming your dance so that the children have the best experience possible and that the footage can be judged fairly.

The dance performances will NOT be judged on the quality of the filming, but rather on the quality of the dancing and choreography.  However the footage does need to be clear, steady and in focus at all times and will need to abide by the following criteria…

  • Please film in LANDSCAPE only
  • Please film the dance in ONE take – no editing of footage allowed
  • Please film with a STATIONARY camera
  • Stand at the front and get EVERYTHING in

Additionally, please avoid filming with a window/light directly behind the dancers as this will create a silhouette, making it very difficult for us to see the children properly.

Filming on iPads, tablets and video recorders are all acceptable devices.  However, the footage will need to be submitted as an MPEG4 format, so please consider what device you will be recording onto and whether you will need to do any file conversions before submission.

Submitting the footage

Once you have completed recording the dance, it will need to be submitted in an MPEG4 format.

You will then need to upload the MPEG file via Google Drive, Seesaw or DropBox.

The work must be fully viewable online without the need to download any files or log in access (no submissions via email, WeTransfer or other file sharing platforms).

Save your dance as your School name, so we know which school each dance belongs to.

Please do not share children’s names with the footage or identify them individually to comply with GDPR guidelines.

Once uploaded, please share the link for us to be able to access the dance footage.  Email the link to [email protected] by the latest WEDNESDAY 30TH JUNE.

You will receive an email to confirm that the footage has been received.

Finally, please join us on TUESDAY 6th JULY at 2pm to hear back from the judging panel in an exciting LIVE STREAMED event!  More details to follow.

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