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Learn The Floss!

Have you noticed your class wiggling about from side to side with their arms swishing around their waist? They are probably doing The Floss!

I started seeing KS2 children doing the moves in January and since then it seems to have gone viral!  It all started with a young lad known as ‘The Backpack Kid’ who has posted videos of himself online doing The Floss back in 2016. He’s even performed it on Saturday Night Live in the US!

Want to try it?

My daughter and I have been spending the last week mastering the move!

Here’s how to do it…

  • Your arms move in a 3 count pattern
  • hold our arms down to the sides of the body and make fists with the hands
  • 1. Swing the arms to the right side of the body – keeping them straight. 2. Swing the arms back towards the body, with the right arm behind the hips and the left one of front. 3. Swing the arms back out to the right side.
  • repeat everything on the left side
  • at the same time, your hips are swaying from side to side, so that they are constantly going in the opposite direction to the arms
  • the full move should look something like this…

Try it out and impress your kids!!!

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