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Have you noticed this with your reception class?

Have you noticed that many of your reception children are starting school with a weaker core and reduced gross motor skills?  In recent years, many pre-schoolers have not had access to the large breadth of movement play that would have naturally occurred in previous generations.  This is in part due to our modern lifestyles, pressure on parents’ already busy lives and reduced opportunity during the pandemic.  And increased access to screen-based activity is having an impact on children’s fine motor skills as well as their ability to focus and sit attentively in class.

Did you know that children’s bodies need to be primed before they are ready to pick up a pencil?  Strength and mobility need to be developed in the shoulders and arms first using gross motor movement, which then prepare the wrist, hand and fingers for the tripod grip and mark making activity.

Your new reception class have probably arrived at the beginning of this academic year with a vast array of skills and experiences and it can be difficult to cater for this difference in ability.

Fortunately, creative movement and play will support both emerging and more advanced skills as children are encouraged to work on their next stage of development and learn from their peers.

Specialist programmes can be fantastic at engaging children in the mark making process, especially when they are designed to be accessible and work across a range of abilities.  Our ‘On Your Marks’ workshop series transports children into a world of mark making opportunities through imaginative sessions that develop children’s confidence, skill and engagement in mark making.  Children get to meet different characters, interact with a range of loose parts (hidden inside our On Your Marks box!) and create a ‘Time to Mark Your Mark’ class gallery.

What’s more, teachers get to learn from specialists by observing their sessions, gaining new ideas and taking part in supportive discussions.

Feedback from teachers has been incredibly positive…

“It has been an overwhelmingly fun and positive enhancement to our curriculum, which fits in perfectly with our school ethos of engaging children in active learning through play. We’ve been recommending it to everyone!”

– Southbourne Infant teachers

If you are interested in trying a more creative and playful approach to mark making, On Your Marks could be just what your class needs!  For more information, visit our page and brochure.

Alternatively, give us a call on 07738042089 or email [email protected]

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