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Not sure where to start with teaching dance? Do you lack experience and training? No time to plan your session and find the right piece of music?

As a trained dancer with over 15 years of delivering to over 60 Primary Schools, I can help you to inject fun and confidence back into your dance teaching.

With so much pressure to hit literacy and numeracy targets, no wonder the teaching of dance is often neglected in Primary Schools. And time is so tight – as a mother of two small children I know how difficult it is to juggle being a teacher alongside spending quality time with the kids.

The teachers I work with often lack the confidence to deliver dance because they are not sure where to start with their topic selection and music choices – we all want our sessions to feel ‘current’ and relevant to today’s children.

I will inspire you to have the passion to teach dance, give you the confidence to do it yourself, share tons of tried and tested ideas that engage boys (as well as girls) and are fun, accessible and educational.

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After completing my Masters Degree in Dance, I worked with Speakeasy Theatre Company and went on tour with IOU. I co-created No Commotion Dance Company, performing across the East Midlands and at Resolution at The Place. I have taught older people’s seated dance, lectured in Performing Arts at Leicester College and mentored degree students. My varied dance career has given me so many skills which I’d now like to share with you.

As I am a creative type, my dance packages can be completely tailored to suit the requirements of you and your school. You don’t need to be an experienced dancer to work with me – all you need is a willingness to get stuck in! As children are naturally very physical and imaginative, you’ll find they need very little demonstration to start their own dancing journeys. I will show you how to facilitate this process.

I also love to write (I really did enjoy completing my MA Dissertation about DV8 Physical Theatre!). I update my blog on a weekly basis, which covers a wide range of relevant topics, such as how to plan and deliver high quality dance sessions as well as practical ideas you can use immediately in your school.

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