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‘Making a Move: Creative Dance in a Changing World’

30 Dance Lesson Plans with hints and tips to enable successful, creative dance lessons with careful consideration towards physical distancing.

The lesson plans in this resource pack are largely aimed at primary school aged children but you may well find they are easily applied to many other situations or age groups. They have been devised to allow the participants to engage in creative and expressive activities whilst due consideration has been given to the constraints of physical distancing as a result of the Covid-19 virus.

The plans have been written as stand-alone ideas, each is time framed, though they do contain ideas for ‘adding challenge’ to meet the needs of different age groups or to extend the activity past the initial lesson. The plans have different coloured banners, this indicates whether it is a relaxed (red), moderate (orange) or high energy (green) activity as well as a suggestion for suitable music (with links).

Written by dance specialists Jo Cone, Louise Jaggard and Claire Pring

If schools feel that they would benefit from further support the authors, Jo, Louise or Claire, would be happy to deliver CPD either by a visit to your school or through platforms such as Skype or Zoom.

Dance lessons enable children to…

  • Respond creatively & expressively to ideas
  • Work collaboratively without contact
  • Problem solve and increase confidence
  • Experience dance and movement linked to the National Curriculum
  • Learn in an active and engaging way
  • Engage, regardless of different ages, levels of experience or physical ability

The downloadable book is priced at £20.

 Claire, Jo and Louise

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