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Are you warming up for Sports Day?

The sun is shining and it’s nearly half term – definite signs that summer is on it’s way.  And of course the summer also means Sports Day!  I LOVED taking part in athletics as a child and am luckily enough to now be able to watch my own children taking part.

Have you considered ensuring your school have warmed up before the events begin?  Some times the warm up and cool down are forgotten about on Sports Day, or there’s simply no time to do it., But if you can manage to squeeze it in, it is an opportunity to ensure kids are participating safely whilst also bringing the school community together before they compete.

Here’s some ideas for you to try…

  • Mobilise the body gradually by doing circular actions, for example, ankle rolls, shoulder rolls, arm circles, hip rotations
  • Move using the words from the Olympic Games motto: ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’
  • Practice actions that the children will be doing in the actual event such as throwing and leaping, but without the actual equipment
  • Stretch out the body by holding sports poses like the ones that Mo Farrah and Usain Bolt do
  • Shake hands / give high 5s to other children and wish them good luck to promote a sense of friendly competition and camaraderie

Want more info about warming up? 

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We can lead your warm up!

Invite us into your school on the morning of your Sports Day and we’ll lead a fun, engaging, team building warm up preparing your children to do their best.

Email [email protected] to book us in

We still have some availability in June and July so contact us NOW to secure a date

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