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Jump inside some of children's most loved stories from the comfort of your own home!

Our Barefoot Yarns are a selection of FOUR dance classes based on some of children’s favourite books.

Join our dance adventures to

  • Battle with Knights and Dragons
  • Discover how to Rock n Roll and do the Scottish Reel
  • Learn some simple Makaton signs
  • Perform an Elf Ballet
  • Build body confidence
  • Ignite a passion for books through movement

Plus…create your own movement ideas and make up your own dances!

There’s well over 3 hours of dance content – simply play the videos for your child to dance along to.

What will children learn?

  • Choreography skills: how to develop movement from different starting points (including props), how to improvise, how to create simple dances
  • Character work: how to use different dynamics to create a range of story characters. how to use different expressions and emotions to tell a narrative
  • Rhythm: move in time to the beat of the music, move in counts of 8
  • Dance specific: create shapes, action and movement relating to the topics
  • Physical skills: balance on tiptoes / one leg, develop core strength, work on simple movement skills such as jumping, hopping, tiptoeing
  • Improve the vestibular system and practice crossing the mid-line

Craft activities included!

Our Barefoot Yarns also include FOUR craft activities – one linked to each story to extend children’s learning and keep them busy!

You can create…

  • a spiralling Superworm
  • a boot that ties up
  • a giraffe finger puppet
  • a dragon headpiece you can dance in

These craft projects are simple to create from household items and have easy-to-follow video instructions.  There’s also a PDF template and printable instructions included.

Our exciting and inspiring resources are aimed at 4-8 year olds, though younger and older children will also benefit.

£10 payment, includes ALL videos and downloads – access your resources NOW!  If you’d prefer to pay using another method, click the link and then select ‘pay by debit or credit card’

Our Barefoot Yarns include the following stories…

Go on an adventure with Knights and Dragons!


Get down in the ground for a wiggle and a squirm.


Learn some ballet moves to develop your Elf character.


Join in the jungle dance with Gerald and his friends!

Try out our FREE Peter Rabbit class right now to sample a taster class for our Barefoot Yarn story adventures.

Pay now and get IMMEDIATE and permanent access to these exciting and engaging resources.

Only £10, including all videos and downloads.  Pay now with PayPal.  If you’d prefer to pay using another method, click the link and then select ‘pay by debit or credit card’

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