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Football World Cup – football dance

3 easy steps to create a great duet that will inspire boys to dance (and secretly love it!). Football Phrase.  Discuss the different actions that footballers do eg. passing, scoring, tackling, diving, dribbling.  Ask the children to each choose 4…

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Dancing Through the Ages

Social dancing over the last 100 years is a great starting point for creating a dance project.  As discussed last week, I run an annual dance show in one of my regular schools where I deliver PPA cover.  Each class…

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Dance ideas for a performance

Coming up with ideas for a dance project or show concept can be time-consuming, but the rewards for putting in the effort are huge!  Whilst it’s great to teach one-off dance classes to children, it’s amazing working towards the goal…

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Teaching Basic Choreography

In a high quality dance class, it is important to allow the children opportunity to choreograph.  This process helps the children to develop their creativity and enhances their knowledge of the techniques they have learnt and the topic they are…

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Video: Dance Warm Up Key Stage 1

Check out the video below for fresh ideas on leading a key stage 1 dance warm up - fun, accessible and full of beans! Warm ups should last for 3-5 minutes, mobilise major joints and muscles and raise the…

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Video: Dance Warm Up Key Stage 2

Check out the video below for some inspiration for your dance warm up for Key Stage 2 children.  I have included lots of general ideas suitable for boys (as well as girls!).  Please take any actions that you like and…

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