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Online Dance Class Disclaimer

Please read this disclaimer carefully before participating in any of JumpStart Dance’s online classes, whether on YouTube, Facebook, our website or any of our LIVE sessions.

Make your space safe before you start

  • move what you can away from your dance area
  • avoid standing near sharp objects such as table corners
  • don’t dance directly under lampshades
  • tidy away loose cables
  • roll up rugs
  • keep pets (such as cats and dogs) out of the room


  • wear suitable fitness clothing
  • have bare feet or wear trainers on slippery floor surfaces

During the session

  • if an activity feels uncomfortable or not right, please change it or stop doing it
  • adapt the movements to suit your body and ability
  • stop completely if you become unwell and seek medical advice before continuing

Most of our sessions will include a warm up and cool down.  If they don’t, please make sure you do one yourself.

Please make sure an adult knows you are taking part in this class and be aware that participating in these sessions is at your own risk. And in general, please use your common sense and DRINK whenever you feel it necessary.

Enjoy our dance classes!

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