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Just a quick thanks for all your help/work the other day, it was amazing to see such quick progress and such a fantastic end result. Nearly all of the kids remembered the routine (which again amazed me!) the following day and it was performed in front of the parents.

Staff at Wychbold First School, Droitwich

The highlight of the event was the sense of unity the workshops gave us – doing something together.

Staff at St John’s First School

They were very proud to perform the whole “Opening Ceremony” on Sport’s Day – their highlight was being able to impress their parents with their dances, but especially the group dance, which looked fantastic!

Staff at St Christophers Primary School, Oxon

This is the best day of my life.

Pupil at Vallis First School, Frome

A great start to their sports day.  They loved performing to their parents.

Teacher at Vallis First School, Frome

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