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Create a Diwali Dance for your class

Diwali is a great topic to link in with your dance teaching.  I get very busy at this time of year delivering Bollywood and creative Diwali dance sessions and wanted to share some ideas with you on this blog.

One of my favourite sessions I teach in schools focuses on three key areas of the Diwali story:

  • The banishment of Rama and Sita to the forest
  • The fight between Ravana, Rama and Haunman
  • The return of Rama and Sita through the path of Divas



Children learn and incorporate Indian Dance mudras (hand gestures) in their movement to tell the story.

For example, by placing all the fingers together onto the thumb represents ‘bud’, so we often start the story with this gesture to show the trees of the forest blooming and growing.


During the battle between Ravana, Rama and Hanuman, I ask the children to work in groups of 3.  They can each take it in turns to perform a striking gesture towards their opponent without touching each other.  The last action of this trio must be performed by Rama who send his arrow to Ravana, which kills him.  The children love demonstrating this part!

And finally, I ask the children to create a new mudra that represents the flame of the Divas that were lit to guide Rama and Sita home.  The children sit in a space whilst performing their flame mudra, whilst two volunteers (a boy and girl) walk around the ‘Divas’ as Rama and Sita.

It’s great to allow the children the opportunity to explore the story physically, whilst also learning some Indian Dance!

Suggested music: Dil Laga Na, from Dhoom 2.  Anarkali Disco Chali, from Housefull 2


DiwaliFlyerIf you would like to hold a Diwali Dance event in your school, but don’t have the time or confidence, JumpStart Dance can do it all for you!

We have professional dance artists that deliver high quality Diwali dance and Bollywood.

Contact Louise to book an event in your school on



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