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A year of culture – Capoeira Dance from Brazil

Capoeira is a Martial Art that Brazilian slaves created as a dance to disguise the fact that they were training to fight.  Children can replicate some of the basic actions to create their very own NON-CONTACT duets.

The Jinga

The Jinga is the basic Capoeira step – all the other actions are layered over the top of this move.  Check out the video on how to do it…

Ask the children to learn the Jinga on their own.  They can then demonstrate it with a partner, facing each other and moving like mirror reflections of each other.  Stare at each other all the time.

On their own, get the children to try out different striking and defending moves, for example…

  • Kick forwards
  • Lunge with elbow to the side
  • Swipe arm across the body
  • Duck down – squat and cross arms in front of body
  • Duck – lean backwards and circle around
  • Jump out of the way

In pairs, co-ordinate the striking and defending moves together, so that while person strikes out, the other defends.  After each action, go back to dancing the Jinga.  Emphasise the importance of NOT TOUCHING their partner – they should be near, but at a safe distance.

Have great fun trying out this fun dance that is guaranteed to get boys (and girls) dancing!

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