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Want to Strictly-fy your PE lessons? Get your KS2 Dance planning here!

So many children absolutely love Strictly Come Dancing that it’s reappearance on our screens is an absolute gift for your dance lessons. You’re probably already capitalising on it as a motivator.

But it can be a bit daunting for a non-dance expert to tackle teaching actual dances with rules. No matter how many ‘Choreography Corners’ we’ve watched (and tried to copy)!

That’s why we’ve added a set of Ballroom dance lesson plans for your KS2 PE lessons.

What do I get in JumpStart’s Ballroom Dance lesson plans?

In Jumpstart’s Ballroom Dance lesson plans, you get expert dance knowledge distilled into simple, comprehensive lessons with built in progression. They are designed so that you can deliver them with the confidence you need to really enjoy teaching dance.

You can easily see where the lessons meet PE curriculum objectives and enable opportunities for cross-curricular learning. They can simply be integrated into your existing planning system.

Each lesson focuses on a particular dance; Paso Doble, Samba, Charleston, Jive, Quickstep and even some Line Dancing!  You get a video of each dance style and clear instructions for Warm Up, Solo Dance, creative choreography within group work and a Cool Down sequence.

The movement objectives directly relate to each specific dance and are sub divided into Physical Skill, Dynamics and Actions. This forms the key vocabulary for each lesson and an assessment focus.

One plan could easily become the content for a half term’s indoor PE, based around that particular dance. This would enable children to embed some of the learning and reflect on and improve their own work. The depth of content gives you the flexibility to pace lessons appropriately for your children’s development.

Do I have to find the music?

No, you haven’t got time to be searching the internet for appropriate music, so each section of the lesson has music links. This is carefully chosen to complement the dance’s intended emotion and atmosphere. It is usually current, and practically supports learning with its tempo and rhythm.   All links can be easily found via YouTube, Spotify, iTunes or other music provider.

There’s also a small ‘Information’ section at the end of each lesson plan that signposts further background for you as a teacher.

What about the performance aspect?

Opportunities for performance and appreciation are part of all our lesson plans. Performing, watching and talking about dance gives the children a crucial chance to demonstrate their understanding and evaluate their own performance.

A practised performance makes an impressive and entertaining segment to your class assembly.

How do I get my hands on these fabulous KS2 Ballroom Dance lesson plans?

There are two ways to get these fabulous lesson plans: from the TES website, as a one off purchase, or as a subscriber to JumpStart.

TES purchases

As a class teacher, you can buy individual lesson plan from the TES website for £4.00. This gives you the chance to try out one dance, without a prohibitive financial outlay.

Jumpstart subscribers

For our school subscribers, we have a created several different packages of lesson plans. They are priced between £47 and £187. The most expensive gives your whole primary school access to quality dance resources that are based around integrated topics and themes, not just the Ballroom lesson plans.

The KS2 standalone package costs just £107 for the whole school year. That’s dance planning for four year groups, with all the necessary background information, music links, video demonstrations, instructional breakdowns and creative tasks. The only things not included are the fake tan and sequins!

Want to be your colleagues’ favourite PE co coordinator?

We know, there’s only one PE co coordinator! But, as the keeper of the PE budget, the decision to invest in a JumpStart annual subscription is probably up to you.

If you’re a dance expert yourself, you’ve probably not even needed to Google ‘dance teaching resources’. But you may have several colleagues that would really appreciate access to quality lesson plans that clearly break down the dance elements into understandable lessons. It then becomes more cost effective to subscribe to a package, as a whole school.

And it saves them paying for individual lesson plans from the TES website out of their own pocket. It’s definitely worth a quick ‘hands up’ survey in your next staff meeting to see how your staff feel.

We also run bespoke staff dance INSET and Dance Experience Days for the children. If that’s something you feel would support PE learning in your school, we still have some availability for this academic year, but please don’t leave it too much longer to book. You don’t want to miss out.

Wishing you all fun, fitness and glitter for your Autumn Term.

And, of course,… “Keeeeeeeep dancing!”

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