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The Olympics – Samba Dance

I thought it would be worthwhile re-sharing this post as it contains two videos you can use to create some Samba dancing for your children – perfect for linking in with the Rio Olympics this summer.

Or use these ideas with your year 6s to celebrate the end of SATs!

Before that though, I wanted to let you know that some of our dance specialists are still available to deliver our OLYMPICS DANCE EXPERIENCE DAY at your school – let us bring the Olympics to you this term!

JumpStart Olympics Experience Day


Would you like a dance specialist to run an OLYMPIC DANCE EXPERIENCE DAY in your school? 

We are offering schools the chance to host an amazing one-day event linking in with the Rio Olympics. 

Click here for more information.


As promised, here’s our great videos on Samba Dancing…

Samba is a carnival dance originating from Brazil.  Some of the steps are performed with a bounce and it is a dance full of energy, celebration and fun.  The following dance is easy to pick up, accessible for boys and will get the whole class going!

Once the children have warm up, teach them the following Samba Dance…

Key Stage 1


Key Stage 2

Suggested music: ‘Samba de Janeiro’ by Bellini, and ‘Do Your Thing’ or ‘Bingo Bango’ by Basement Jaxx

Let me know how you get on with the videos, I’d love to hear what the kids thought.




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