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Dance INSET with JumpStart

Bringing Dance into your classroom can be a difficult task for any teacher, especially if you don’t know where to start and don’t have a dance background. Or maybe you are someone with dance experience that just needs modernising. At Jumpstart we are primary school dance experts and we’re here to help you bring fantastic Dance to your classrooms and children.

Our INSET days are set out to help you to fill out the gaps in your Dance knowledge, build your confidence and give you the right foundations to integrate Dance into your school. We arm you with an array of practical and instantly usable ideas that are accessible to both boys and girls. Our ideas are also linked well to curriculum topics that are fun, creative and relevant to today’s primary school children.

We cover a wide range of skills during our INSET days and look to develop your confidence in a collection of areas including;

  • What topics are suitable for primary-aged children and how to make them feel “current” and relevant.
  • Advice for creating and developing choreography.
  • Ideas for delivering an after-school club.

Our dance topics are catered to suit all primary school children from Foundation to KS2, with fun at the heart of everything we do and accessible to all children’s needs. Some of these topics include ‘Space’ for Foundation Stage, ‘The Toy Box’ for KS1 and ‘History: Victorians’ for KS2. We like to create dance sessions which can be incorporated into what they’re learning in the classroom already. There are more examples of our topics on our website.

Dance is really important for the Physical and Mental Health of children. Statistics from the Health and Social Care Information Centre showed that 1 in 3 children are overweight or obese by the time they leave primary school.

Some of the benefits of children taking part in class include;

  1. Dance reduces anxiety and depression. The activity gives us feel good endorphins and improves our mood.
  2. The activity increases communication skills with their peers and adults. These skills are vital to their cognitive development.
  3. Dance activity helps a child develop a greater range of movement throughout their body. Our bodies have 642 muscles and dancing really helps make use of these muscles in their activity.
  4. Dance provides a great outlet for their imagination and emotion. Having Dance as an option for an outlet enables your children to explore emotions they may not be able to articulate otherwise.

The Impact of Dance on Physical Health.

Mental Health and Dance for Children.

Have a look at what some of the previous participants of our INSET days had to say recently;

INSETQuote1 INSETQuote2 INSETQuote3 INSETquote4Twilight package

  • introduction to our approach and theory
  • 2 practical workshops at any of the following age groups: FS / KS1 / KS2
  • Overview of warm ups and cools downs
  • Lesson plans and handouts
  • £197

Half-day workshop

  • Detailed information on our approach and theory
  • 2 practical workshops at any of the following age groups: FS / KS1 / KS2
  • Overview of warm ups and cools downs
  • 2 Dance Class in a Box packs of your choice and handouts
  • £257

Full-day workshop

  • Detailed information on our approach and theory
  • 3 practical workshops at all of the following age groups: FS / KS1 / KS2
  • Thorough analysis of warm ups and cools downs
  • 3 Dance Class in a Box pack of your choice and handouts
  • Planning activities to develop teacher’s skills
  • £397

There is more information available about our Dance INSET Packages on our website.

Want to find out more about our INSET days and book one for your teaching team today?  Contact us on [email protected] or call 07738042089.

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