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A world of pure imagination…

I love a good book and summer is a great time to read, especially on holiday.  I’ve been camping in Wales and attempted to read two books whilst I was there: Captain Corelli’s Mandolin during the day, snatching quiet moments when my two went exploring around the campsite, and a biography of Albert Einstein which I read on my Kindle at nighttime – Kindles are great for camping as you can read snuggled up in a sleeping bag without needing a torch.

My passion for reading started at a young age (some might say I was a little obsessed by it) and one summer my parents challenged me to read 100 books over the 6 week break, which I duly did (although I didn’t speak much to anyone!!!).  I read all sorts of different books, but without doubt my favourite author was Roald Dahl.  I’ll never forget the Christmas that I got given ‘Matilda’: I spent the whole day behind the sofa reading it!

Those books have definitely left an indelible mark and I have been lucky enough to share the same stories with my own children (we listened to the BFG whilst travelling to our campsite this year – our version was read by David Walliams – and it was VERY funny!).  What I think has most made an impression on me has been Dahl’s wild imagination with his tales of beastly characters, crazy adventures and hilarious dialogue.  Who could forget the BFG drinking Frobskottle in front of the Queen (which was followed by a giant whizzpopper)?  Or the moment when a hundred pheasants started to wake up and fly away out of the buggy in Danny and the Champion of the World?

There is something wonderful about being transported into another world, via your own imagination, and life would certainly be a lot duller without these magical stories.

This summer, I’m lucky enough to bring two of my favourite children’s books to life through a one-day workshop for kids.  And what I’m most excited about is giving the children taking part an opportunity to immerse themselves in their OWN imaginations.  I love the creative opportunities that dance allows – making a duet or developing a movement phrase for example.  Next week the 7-11 year olds will be busy becoming Willy Wonka, revolting children and an array of chocolate delights.  I can’t wait!

Do you live in the East Midlands?  We still have places left for our summer holiday workshops.  Click the images below for details and how to book…



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