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Parties: Trolls

An insight into my own family homemade parties…they’re fun, simple, cheap and most of all CREATIVE!  Follow our adventures, try out ideas yourself or invite us to run one for your own kids.

The Trolls film is such great fun!  We’ve used the songs and ideas from the movie in lots of our after school clubs and it’s always gone down very well.  So when I was asked to do a birthday party for my niece who was turning 5, I thought this would be a brilliant theme and it appeals to both boys and girls.

1. Bergens

Well these characters are certainly not nice.  Or fun.  But we started our party by pretending to be the Bergens and it was very entertaining watching all the different grumpy faces that every one was pulling!  Children were moving with stompy feet and heavy qualities and we even pretended to be really mean to each other!

2. Poppy and Branch’s adventure

This was certainly my favourite part of the party as we got to use loads of props to represent the dangerous journey that Poppy and Branch go on to rescue their friends.  The great thing about using props, espcially with young children, is that it really holds their focus and attention.  They’re loads of fun to use and most of the ones we had in the Troll party were items you can find at home.

  •  Bubble wrap became an exploding pathway to travel along
  •  A cardboard box was a hungry flower that had to be climbed through
  •  Grown ups standing in spaces became angry plants that had to be avoided

Each child got the opportunity to have a go and make it through safely through to Bergen town.  We used this music whilst going on our adventure:

3. The rescue

I think the children enjoyed this one the most!  Once all the props were cleared out of the way, we mounted our very own rescue mission. We had two big blankets, two teams and two grown ups.  Each ‘troll’ (AKA child) laid down on the blanket, ensuring their whole body was on top (and not touching the floor).  The adult held the front end of the blanket and pulled it along them floor to the other side of the room so that the troll could be transported to safety.  It was great fun and a good workout for the adults too!  If you try this out yourselves, please make sure children are LYING down to keep them safe and that adults bend their knees when leaning over and pulling the blanket to protect their back.

4. Celebration

Once everyone had been rescued, we put on ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ and had a good ol’ boogie, with the children showing off their bestest dance moves!  And as the Trolls film is so colourful we also got out a large parachute and played a couple of games.

Do you have a special birthday celebration coming up?  We deliver dance parties for all ages from 3 – 11 and can do all sorts of themes including…

  •  Under the Sea
  •  Pirates
  •  Superheroes
  •  Aladdin
  • Roald Dahl

Contact us on 07738042089 or email [email protected] for more information and a quote.



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