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Success! You are now a member of Family Dance

Thank you for joining our family dance membership package.  You will be shortly admitted into the Facebook group, where the classes will take place.

In the meantime, please familiarise yourself with our advice to keep your classes safe at home.

Here’s a reminder of our class timetable









And please complete the following registration form….

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    The safety of your family is important to us at JumpStart Dance. Although you can see us, we can't see you, so it's vital you read our health and safety advice before taking part. Please complete the information below so we can consider your needs in the planning and delivery of our classes.

    Does anyone in your family have any current illnesses or injuries we need to know about? *

    Does anyone in your family have any medical conditions we need to know about? *

    I confirm that the above information is correct. I will contact JumpStart Dance at the earliest opportunity if any of the details change, especially the emergency contact and health information. I confirm *

    Yes, I’m happy to give you personal data because I know you’ll keep it safe and secure.

    Your privacy matters to us. We promise to keep your information safe and we’ll only get in touch with you according to your preferences.
    You can read more about how we store and use data in our privacy notice.

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