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Christmassy Dance Ideas!

It is definitely that time of year!  We’ve got our tree up at home and the kids have written their letters to Santa.  Are you looking for some festive dance fun?  Then read the ideas below for inspiration…

  1. Create a Christmas present dance
  • Ask the children think of a toy they’d like to give or receive for Christmas.
  • Get them to improvise (move spontaneously) like that toy, thinking about shape, action and dynamic.
  • In groups of 3, have one person as the toy. They need to curl up small.  Another person then stretches over the ‘toy’ person.  This second person is the wrapping paper.  The third person is the receiver of the present – they unwrap the present by gently moving the second person.  The ‘toy’ person can then spring to life!
  1. Become snowmen
  • Pretend to create a snowman by rolling up the snow. The children could also roll themselves around the floor like a snow ball.
  • Make a snowman shape with the body – big and round. What kind of face does he has?
  • Can the children make snowman shapes with a partner? One could be the body and the other could be the head.
  • Hold a party for all the different snowmen to come along to – use the music on the soundtrack to ‘The Snowman’ by Howard Blake
  1. Devise a dance to a classic Christmas Song
  • There are loads of fantastic Christmas tunes for the children to jump and jig to!
  • To get you started, you could use some of the ideas we created for the ‘Sing Up’ magazine recently. JumpStart choreographed a duet dance to ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’ which is lots of fun!  See the excerpt below.
  • To view the whole dance, resources and ideas, sign up to ‘Sing Up’


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