Reasons to Dance: Dr Seuss

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 “Think left and think right and think low and think high.  Oh the thinks you can think up if only you try” Dr Seuss   As a mother of two little people (4 year old daughter and 18 month old son) I am well acquainted with Dr. Seuss – our current favourite is ‘Horton Hears


Reasons to Dance: ‘Scientifically’ fit

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“… [dance] can speed up your heart rate, it can enliven your being, it can change your life.” Richard Alston [1]   Anyone who has taken part in a dance class will be able to attest to the fact that dance makes you fit. Your heart beat is raised, you sweat (well I certainly do!),


Reasons to Dance: “Because I’m Happy…”

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Today at 4pm Sir Ken Robinson will urge “devote equal time to dance and maths” in The Educators, a new series on BBC Radio 4. And (of course) I whole-heartedly agree! There is a real buzz about dance at the moment and shows dedicated to finding dance talent dominate TV programming  (Got to Dance, Sky’s


Dancing Through the Ages


Social dancing over the last 100 years is a great starting point for creating a dance project.  As discussed last week, I run an annual dance show in one of my regular schools where I deliver PPA cover.  Each class (three year 1 classes and three year 2 classes) learn a dance based on a


Dance ideas for a performance

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Coming up with ideas for a dance project or show concept can be time-consuming, but the rewards for putting in the effort are huge!  Whilst it’s great to teach one-off dance classes to children, it’s amazing working towards the goal of a performance.  Children thrive under the pressure and it makes rehearsals that bit more


Teaching Basic Choreography

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In a high quality dance class, it is important to allow the children opportunity to choreograph.  This process helps the children to develop their creativity and enhances their knowledge of the techniques they have learnt and the topic they are working on. When their contributions are accepted and incorporated into the session, children feel valued